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Global Data Subject Rights (DSRs) and Requirements

In this whitepaper, you will:

  • Learn what you need to do now to start global data privacy laws compliance by fulfilling DSR requirements
  • Learn about the response deadlines and requirements defined by major privacy regulations worldwide.
  • Learn about the DSR landscape across the US, UK, Europe, China, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, and many more.
  • Learn how to incorporate Data Subject Rights in your Privacy Policy and communicate it to users.
  • Finally, you will learn how automation can simplify DSR management and shorten the fulfillment time from days to minutes.


Data subjects (a.k.a users) are at the core of all regulations globally in the modern privacy landscape.

Data subject rights aim to protect users and their personal data by giving them certain rights and privileges over their data. Over 98 countries now have DSRs in their privacy regulations and mandate strict compliance.

This whitepaper outlines 8 of the most common rights that data subjects have and provides a quick comparison between 12 Global privacy regulations.

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Our Readers Frequently Ask:

The term 'data subject' refers to any living individual whose personal data is collected, held, or processed by an organization. Personal data is any data that can identify an individual, such as a name, home address, or credit card number.

You can keep personal data indefinitely if you are holding it only for: archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes, or statistical purposes.

The most common categories of data subjects are Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Job applicants, Consultants, Visitors, Prospects, and Contractors.

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