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Today, Microsoft announced General Availability of its Privacy Management for M365 that enables customers to safeguard their data and ensure better privacy. With this launch, Microsoft introduced several new features such as providing insights into privacy risks, automating privacy operations and enabling employees to make smarter data-handling decisions.

Microsoft customers can take full advantage of these features to automate their privacy operations. However, for most organizations data lives in multiple applications, data systems and clouds, and to ensure compliance, these organizations need to have greater insights into personal & sensitive data held in all their data systems.

Consequently, we are excited to announce a native integration of Securiti’s PrivacyOps platform with Microsoft 365. With this integration, privacy teams can easily discover personal data stored within and outside the Microsoft 365 environment and streamline their privacy workflows on a single dashboard.

Securiti’s PrivacyOps platform is powered by People Data Graph (PDG) & uses AI/ML to build a graph of every individual and their associated personal data across 250+ multicloud, SaaS and on-premises data systems. Using PDG, organizations can easily address all individual privacy rights such as data subject rights, data mapping, breach notifications, and ensure data sovereignty principles are met.

“Through this partnership with Microsoft we are providing customers with a unified solution to automate their data privacy operations across both structured and unstructured data systems,” said Vivek Kokkengada, VP Products at Securiti.

By automating their key data privacy obligations, customers can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity associated with fulfilling data privacy requirements while complying with global privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD and more.

Learn more about this integration and sign up for a demo here.

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