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How Different Privacy Laws Treat Employees Vaccination Data?

The global rollout of COVID-19 vaccination programs is bringing all the bustle back to streets, restaurants, and workplaces. At workplaces, employers, to prevent the spread of the pandemic, feel obligated to check the vaccination status of their employees for health and safety purposes.

By downloading this white paper, you will understand:

  • Key obligations related to employees’ vaccination data under privacy laws?
  • What are the legal bases for asking employees to share their vaccination status?
  • To what extent can an employer store the health data related to employees’ vaccination?


Employee Vaccination Privacy

As employee vaccination data is treated either as personal data or sensitive personal data by most data protection regulatory authorities., it necessitates employers to treat it carefully while complying with certain privacy, security, and regulatory obligations. Therefore, employers must know the data protection and privacy regulations that apply to them, the rights of their employees, and the security measures they are obligated to ensure.

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Our Readers Frequently Ask:

Vaccination data highlights the specific details of an individual, such as whether they have received the vaccine, their vaccination status, the type of vaccine dose given, when they’re due for the next vaccine, etc.

A single statute does not cover the privacy of all sorts of data in the United States. As an alternative, it consists of various legislations, including HIPAA, CCPA, CPRA, FCRA, FERPA, GLBA, ECPA, COPPA, and VPPA.

Various privacy laws treat vaccination status as sensitive health information, and such data is subject to more significant privacy safeguards. If the customer agrees and the collection is deemed reasonably necessary for your operations, you shall only gather this information.

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