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CDMC Readiness Assessment Checklist

The Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework lays out the best practices around cloud adoption, and a CDMC assessment provides insight into how many of the best practices are presently in place.


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Our Readers Frequently Ask:

The Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) is a framework of best practice capabilities for enterprises adopting or transitioning to cloud services in the areas of data governance, privacy, and security. It is pioneered by the EDM Council.

Optimization, leveraging the cloud and migrating data are some of the basic cloud adoption techniques. However, a readiness assessment is crucial for improved cloud adoption and eliminating risks.

A cloud readiness assessment is a procedure that uses a cloud readiness assessment checklist, a detailed list that shows if moving apps and data to the cloud can be done efficiently with little disruption to daily company operations.

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