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The Need of PrivacyOps Certification for Privacy Graduates

By Privacy Research Team
Published on March 22, 2022

With the birth of cybersecurity and the privacy and security industry, privacy certifications have become the stepping stone for graduate students looking to gain an edge in this highly competitive job market.

Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, privacy certifications are a great way to advance your professional career and gain insights into the industry practices way before you join hands with an organization. According to Robert Half's 2021 IT Salary Report, IT professionals with certifications earn 5% to 10% more than their peers.

Approximately four million or 18% of all college students graduate each year in the USA. Many of the graduates offer hands-on experience, while others bring a treasure trove of certifications that enables them to get ahead of the curve.

What is PrivacyOps?

PrivacyOps is a set of ideas, practices, cross-functional collaboration, automation, and integration that significantly improves an organization's ability to reliably and quickly comply with various global data privacy laws.

PrivacyOps Certification

Modern data privacy laws and regulations require organizations to integrate privacy by design and by default into their digital infrastructure, networks, and applications. To do so, privacy graduates looking to pursue their careers in the privacy industry must get privacy certifications to enhance their knowledge of the data privacy realm.

Privacy certification enables graduates to gain insight into the industry's standards, regional and global privacy regulations, legacy privacy frameworks, and modern privacy frameworks.

PrivacyOps is a cutting-edge modern platform for automating privacy operations throughout a business. The PrivacyOps certification consists of core concepts in global data privacy laws, the process of operationalizing data privacy in an organization, and the role of automation in simplifying data privacy management.

Industry-leading experts with decades of experience in data privacy, security, and governance have authored the PrivacyOps Certification.

Why Privacy Graduates Need a PrivacyOps Certification?

With the increasing use of technology in every sphere of life and businesses collecting a growing number of personal data from multiple data points, a growing concern for data privacy is observed across the globe.

As global data privacy laws impose stricter regulations on businesses, privacy graduates get an added advantage if they familiarize themselves with the modern privacy landscape before they apply to join an organization.

Widespread Adoption of Data Privacy Laws

Countries worldwide are increasingly enacting data privacy (often called “Data Protection”) laws to provide their residents with mechanisms for data subject rights within the general framework of constitutional rights.

The globally acclaimed European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has set a benchmark by honoring privacy as a fundamental human right. The law has set standards for countries devising their own data privacy regulations. More than 120 countries have data privacy regulations in place.

Become Socially Compliant

The PrivacyOps certification helps graduates understand that even though the commercial interests of the business must be achieved, the ethical context of businesses harvesting user data must not be ignored, and the moral values of processing personal data must be honored.

With digital globalization, organizations have the urge to project themselves as socially responsible corporations to attract investment and customers. The PrivacyOps certification enables graduates to better understand digital threats and the growing number of data breaches and instills the principles of privacy rights within a business.

Fulfill Legal Requirements

PrivacyOps is an all-inclusive platform that enables organizations to seamlessly fulfill legal, regulatory, and ethical personal data protection requirements with the help of artificial intelligence. The PrivacyOps certification helps graduates get a taste of real-world scenarios and avenues they can apply appropriate security controls without breaching privacy rights.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Graduate degrees have become relatively common. With an increasing number of graduates, you can differentiate from the others by having a globally renowned entity testifying the successful completion of your privacy training.

Additionally, privacy certifications for privacy graduates are an excellent way to instantly get noticed during the hiring process, as certifications from a renowned institution significantly add value to your CV.

Improved Odds of Promotion

The job industry is highly competitive, and you don't want to miss out on a chance of getting promoted simply because you don't have the necessary certifications. Several organizations worldwide require you to attain regular training and complete certifications to stay updated with the latest developments in the industry.

Increased Understanding of the Privacy Industry

Privacy certifications provide significant insights into the industry and how it operates. From data subject rights to the role of a data protection officer and potential penalties an organization may face, certifications enable you to gain hands-on experience remotely.

Securiti's Privacy Certification

Securiti offers a full PrivacyOps certification that's free of cost. While many other privacy certifications cost new graduates thousands of dollars, Securiti makes it easy to take the extensive module for no charge.

With Securiti's PrivacyOps certification, graduates gain wide-ranging insights into the ever-evolving data privacy industry. Some of the highlights of the certification include:

  • Fundamental data protection and data privacy principles,
  • Key responsibilities of an organization ensuring data privacy,
  • The capabilities of AI-powered automated privacy platform,
  • Real-time oversight of privacy risks,
  • Ability to accurately classify data and map data,
  • Automatically broadcast data breach notifications,
  • Comply with global data privacy laws, and
  • Improved brand reputation.

Suppose you're a privacy graduate or a professional who's eager to learn about the privacy and security industry and the significance of automation for streamlining processes. In that case, Securiti's PrivacyOps certification is just what you need.

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