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Data Breach Assessment Infographic

By Omer Imran Malik
Published August 25, 2022 / Updated November 22, 2023

Data is a tremendously vital asset that continues to be a source of innovation, creativity, and continued success for organizations globally. However, for that same reason, data is open to vulnerabilities and threats of various natures. A data breach is one of the most damaging attacks an organization can suffer. It can lead to billions of dollars in penalties, remedial measures, and, most damningly, reputational damage.

Hence, it is highly recommended that businesses consistently carry out data breach assessments to gain real-time insights into what threats they face, what countermeasures they can deploy, and what obligations various regulations place on them.

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Omer Imran Malik

Authored by Omer Imran Malik

Omer Imran Malik (CIPP/US, CIPM) is a data privacy and technology lawyer with significant experience in advising governments, technology companies, NGOs and legislative think-thanks on data privacy and technology related legal issues and is an expert in modeling legal models for legal technology. He has been a prominent contributor to numerous esteemed publications, including Dawn News, IAPP and has spoken at the World Ethical Data Forum as well.

His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the industry make him a trusted source for cutting-edge insights and information in the ever-evolving world of data privacy, technology and AI related legal developments.

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