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User Consent in the Digital Age – Setting Your Consent Strategy when “Everything is Changing”

Setting Your Consent Strategy when “Everything is Changing”
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Beatrice Botti

Beatrice Botti

VP, Global Data & Privacy Officer at DoubleVerify

Nigel Hawthorn

Nigel Hawthorn

Privacy Spokesperson, Securiti

Rachel Glasser

Rachel Glasser

Chief Privacy Officer at Magnite

The Belgian authorities found IAB EU TCF in violation of GDPR provisions. Around the same time, the French CNIL found Google Analytics in violation of GDPR as well. Google is working on more privacy-centric technologies to phase out third-party cookies.

As the regulatory and digital landscape evolves rapidly, companies must stay on top of these changes and enforcement actions to avoid fines and improve consumer trust.

Join privacy veterans Beatrice Botti of DoubleVerify and Rachel Glasser of Magnite along with Securiti's Nigel Hawthorn, as they share their insights on these seismic changes.

In this panel, they will explore:

  • The recent consent enforcements that companies need to pay attention to
    • What are the learnings and takeaways from them?
  • Recent Developments introduced by Google:
    • An overview of Google's Privacy Sandbox Initiative
    • Goals, Interesting technology proposals, and recommended actions
    • Best Practices to follow:
    • What are the best practices to navigate the intersection of an evolving regulatory and cookie landscape?
    • What should companies invest in and act on in 2022 before 2023 comes around?
  • Parting thoughts and recommendations
    • Summary of topic discussions
    • Predictions for the importance of obtaining Consent in the upcoming years

The panel is being positioned as a thought leadership discussion to help inform the audience in navigating the intersection of evolving regulatory and digital landscape (Google's proposed changes), in light of recent enforcements.


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