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Data Access Intelligence & Governance

Accelerate Innovation with Secure Data Access & Sharing Controls

Data Access Intelligence & Governance


Data Access Intelligence & Governance

Leverage Access Insights to Establish Optimal Access Controls

Data is growing in size, volume, and complexity. With multi-cloud to the mix, data is now leaving national boundaries and spanning diverse geographies. Unbound data sharing may open doors to increased growth opportunities and revenues, but it also increases a myriad of security and compliance risks. This may ultimately lead businesses to an increasing number of cyber threats, regulatory fines, damaged reputation, and loss of customer trust.

Securiti’s Data Access Intelligence and Governance (DAIG) is built to deliver businesses what the cloud native capabilities lack: deep insights and context into sensitive data. Download our DAIG brochure to learn more about how you can enable comprehensive visibility into sensitive data access and leverage it to set up optimal access control policies, establish the principle of least privilege access, and enable secure data sharing.

Here Are Our Data Access Intelligence & Governance Key Features

Identify User Access

Get a bird’s eye view of all users and roles’ accessing sensitive data.

Leverage Regulatory Insights

Enable compliance with data sharing by mapping data with regulatory insights.

Enforce Least-Privileged Access

Prevent insider threats by leveraging AI/ML to establish least-privileged access.

Enforce Access Controls

Prevent unauthorized access by establishing access based on roles and users.

Monitor Access Changes

Avoid security breaches by tracking user access behavior and patterns.

Automate Data Masking

Ensure secure sharing and innovation with automated sensitive data masking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data access governance is a process that helps teams identify security gaps and protect sensitive data against unauthorized access. It involves defining and establishing access policies and controls regarding who can access sensitive data, what least level of permissions they must be granted to carry out their job functions, and how they share it internally and externally.

Access governance and data governance are related strategies but have slightly different objectives. While access governance involves enforcing policies around sensitive data access to prevent unauthorized access, data governance involves overall data management. Data governance defines policies and procedures around the entire data lifecycle to ensure data quality, availability, reliability, and accessibility.

Access control implementation involves defining policies and procedures and enforcing best practices. It begins with a comprehensive view of the sensitive data landscape, cataloging, and classification. When data is categorized based on its sensitivity, it enables teams to prioritize areas that are high-risk and implement security controls. Based on the sensitivity of the data, the job function, and the user's needs, teams establish appropriate access controls, such as authorization, dynamic masking, and least privileged access.

All-in-One Solution For Your Business Needs

The Multi-disciplinary practice to grow trust-equity of your brand and comply with privacy regulations

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