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How Major Privacy Laws Deal with Health Data

There have been 2100+ healthcare data breaches in the US alone in the last few decades. To better protect an individual’s health data and their right to privacy, governments globally have established privacy laws. This whitepaper lists

  • Major privacy laws that talk include provisions for health data.
  • Data subject rights and consent requirements associated with health data.
  • Restrictions associated with health data, including cross-border movement.


Cyber breaches in the healthcare industry have cost 6 trillion dollars to healthcare institutions and companies worldwide. Healthcare data signify some of the most crucial data on individuals that could potentially help anyone identify the individual as well as cause them significant harm. Therefore, there are major privacy laws that have outlined provisions for health data, and its protection.

Securiti has put together this detailed whitepaper that lists major privacy laws that deal with health data. Highlights include consent requirements, cross-border movement, data subject rights, data breach notification requirements, and security requirements, to name a few. Any organization or institution that collects, stores, processes, or shares health data must have a complete understanding of the privacy laws concerning this sensitive data for effective compliance and data protection.

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Our Readers Frequently Ask:

Data related to one’s ethnic or racial origin, sexual orientation, political and religious affiliations, biometric data that can identify a person, medical records, and trade union membership is considered sensitive data.

The most reliable and tested method to protect sensitive data and information in cloud environments remains encryption.

Some of the most common risks associated with cloud data migration include inadequate visibility, incompatibility with the current architecture, data loss, and incomplete data deletion from previous cloud storage. All of this can be further complicated if there is no proper cloud data migration strategy in place.

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