Securiti announces a $75M Series C Funding Round


Automate privacy
rights fulfillment

Go beyond legacy forms and complex workflows to provide a delightfully simple way for consumers to exercise their data privacy rights while reducing complexity and costs.

Individual Privacy Rights

Capture and Manage Real-time Consent Activity

Customizable DSR Forms

Collect the information you need to process DSR requests

Identity Verification

To prevent against identity fraud and PI theft

Robotic Assistance

For timely and efficient fulfillment of data subject requests

Automatic Linking

To subject’s personal information across systems using AI

Collaboration on Tasks

Bring collaboration to PI data, rather than sending PI data over emails

Comprehensive Reports

For use in case of regulatory reviews and lawsuits


Securiti provides a comprehensive solution that automates DSR lifecycle helping organizations manage DSR requests efficiently. It involves the following steps:

individual privacy rights steps
individual privacy rights steps mobile

Custom build your data request forms

Customize how consumers can invoke their data rights using dynamic intake forms which meet global regulatory requirements.Start accepting and fulfilling requests in minus.

Custom build your data request forms

Integrated identity verification

Use built-in or 3rd party identity verification to eliminate fraud and identity theft

Integrated identity verification

People data graph

Powerful ML tools build a graph of an individual's data across all connected data systems which can be used to completely automate DSR fulfillment

People data graph

Robotic Automation

Utilizes the people data graph to automatically create tasks and subtasks and invite stakeholders to collaborate within a secure workbench to fulfill DSR requests and generate reports.

Robotic Automation

Secure data exchange

Delivers encrypted reports and enables secure data exchange with consumers. Maintains a detailed audit log of every interaction to build trust and meet any current or evolving regulatory compliance requirement.

Secure data exchange

Individual Data Requests

Handle privacy requests at scale through a single API driven interface or through a customizable web portal. Query, access and delete data instantly through built-in application interfaces.

Request Submission

Privacy for Engineering Teams

Handle privacy requests at scale through a simple, API driven interface or through a no-code, customizable web portal.

Request Submission API

Buit-in Automation

Hands-free Request Fulfillment

Query, access and delete data instantly through 100s of built-in application interfaces to fully automate data requests with no human intervention.

DSR Request Submission API

Custom Logic

Overcome any privacy hurdle

Implement custom business logic to asynchronously interface with any internal application through secure, self-hosted gateways and fulfill data subject requests

API Custom Login

Auto Script Generation

Safe and Deterministic Request

Auto-generates safe, fast and deterministic data deletion scripts for precise handling of data erasure requests.

Auto Script Generation

Broadest Coverage

Leverage 1000’s of pre-built connectors to automate compliance. Experience how an extensive library of integrations can save time and resources in managing your cloud privacy and security programs.

Engineered to
Solve Your Privacy Needs

Explore flexible APIs, turnkey JS, and no-code/low-code workflows that streamline the PrivacyOps framework. It has never been simpler to achieve global compliance.

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with customers

Create Your Privacy Center

At Securiti, our mission is to enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.


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