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Achieve global
consent compliance

Any website that uses third parties for purposes such as analytics or advertising purposes must provide consent preferences to their users. With just your website URL, securiti generates a cookie banner customized for your website. Rapid deployment is supported through Wordpress and other platforms

Third Party Tracking Consent

Manage the Cookie Consent Lifecycle

Scan & Classify Cookies

Track 1st and 3rd parties and automatically classify cookies for accurate consent notification

Global Web Footprint

Highly optimized front-end for low-latency page performance for global traffic

Global Regulation Support

Reverse IP detection to present the appropriate compliance type for global compliance

Multi-lingual Support

Dynamically display different languages depending on visitor browser settings

Auto-blocking Technology

Honor Global Privacy Control & vendor-specific opt-out consents without additional coding

Auto-update Privacy Notices

Dynamically update your privacy notice when new cookies are detected

Consent Tracking

Maintain comprehensive records of consent for auditing and reporting

Branded Preference Center

Customize and style the look & feel to align with your brand

Integrate with your web dev CI/CD Pipeline

Integrate with your dev pipeline to initiate periodic scans and update classification automatically.

Scan websites to detect and classify dropped cookies

Scan your websites to detect and classify cookies that are dropped. Visualize and track 1st and 3rd party code that runs on your websites. Set the scanning frequency to monitor your website regularly and automatically.

Scan Websites

Cookie Categorization

Enable auto-blocking to honor Global Privacy Control opt-out consent signals without re-engineering your website. Rapidly deploy consent collection points with zero-code changes.

Cookie Categorization

Auto-Updates to Privacy Notice

Import scan results to build your privacy notices in minutes. Dynamically update your privacy notice as new cookies are discovered.

Auto-Updates to Privacy Notice

Global Privacy Intelligence

Comply with GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy Directive, IAB TCF v2.0 and more. Intelligent detection lets visitors interact with your website in the appropriate experience to meet global compliance requirements.

Global Privacy Intelligence

Preference Management

Build and configure a preference management center customized to your company’s branding. Fully control verbiage, styling, colors, and placement of the cookie banner and preference manager.

Preference Management


Leverage auto-blocking technology to honor user consent preferences without having to re-engineer your website. Rapidly deploy consent collection points with zero-code changes.


Reporting Dashboard

Visualize consent at the visitor and organizational level using intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards. Search, filter, and view consent activity across your organization.

Reporting Dashboard

Programmatic Cookie Consent Management

Serve cookie banners across all web pages and let us handle billions of impressions at scale. Deploy an auto-blocking Javascript snippet to honor users' consent preferences, building consumer trust.

Getting current consent for an individual identity

Build consumer trust

Leverage our native pseudonymized ID or pass an ID of choice to always authoritatively be able to tie consumers to their latest preference

Honor consumer preferences with Auto-blocking Script

Honor Consumer Preferences

Ensure all first and third party vendors respect the latest consent preferences from the user

Cookie Consent Integration Guides

Leverage our cookie consent integrations, plugins, extensions and solutions for different platforms.


Read all Securiti Consent White Papers, Guides, and learn how they can help improve your compliance practices.

Consent Management

Manage the entire consent life cycle with efficiency

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Broadest Coverage

Leverage 1000’s of pre-built connectors to automate compliance. Experience how an extensive library of integrations can save time and resources in managing your cloud privacy and security programs.

Engineered to
Solve Your Privacy Needs

Explore flexible APIs, turnkey JS, and no-code/low-code workflows that streamline the PrivacyOps framework. It has never been simpler to achieve global compliance.

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with customers

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At Securiti, our mission is to enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.


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