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How to Add a Securiti Cookie Consent Banner on Wix Website

Data privacy has become both a regulatory and strategic responsibility for most organizations globally. Owing to a rising number of data privacy regulations and evolving customer expectations, organizations are now expected to be far more proactive and diligent in ensuring compliance with regulatory responsibilities.

One of these responsibilities is to give all visitors to their website an accurate idea of how the website uses cookies. Most regulations require websites to be transparent about what data cookies collect and the options users have for allowing this collection of data.

A cookie consent banner is one such requirement, obligating a website to solicit a user’s consent before deploying cookies. Manually attempting to deploy such a banner can strain resources due to different requirements per regulations and other factors such as language translations.

Securiti’s cookie management automates the entire process while being easily deployable to any website, such as Wix.

Read on below to learn how to get started:

Getting Your Cookie Consent Script

Here’s what you need to do to generate a Cookie Consent Script for your Wix site:


Sign up for Securiti’s Cookie Consent Management module and log in;


Head over to the main Dashboard and click on Cookie Consent;


Click on +New Domain, located on the upper left side of the page;


Create a New Domain Group and enter the Domain Name you want to scan;


Switch over to the Website Scan & Report tab and enter your website’s login info;


Make sure to check the Enable scan behind login box;


Now, enter the login information in the HTML Attributes and Login Details;


Click on Initiate Website Scan. (You can generate a complete report of all the cookies on your domain here);


Switch to the Categorize Cookies tab;


From the Cookie Categories dropdown menu on the left, enable, and edit the cookies on your domain per your needs;


Now, click on Save;


Click Publish in the upper right corner;


Head to the Cookie Consent page with your domain listed and click on Preview under the Consent Banner column;


Finally, navigate to the Consent Code tab to view the Head & Body of the cookie consent script (CSS) code.

Adding Generated Cookie Consent Banner On Your Wix Site

Once you’ve followed the process as described above and generated a cookie consent script, here’s what you need to do to add it to your Wix website:


Login to your Wix site;


Head over to the main Dashboard;


From Settings, choose Advance Settings and then Tracking Tools;


Now, click on +New Tools and choose Custom;


Once in the Edit Tool section, enter the details as under, and click on Apply.

Paste the code snippet here Paste the Securiti CSS code from the upper box on the Consent Code tab.
Name Enter a convenient name, such as “Securiti cookie consent CSS”
Add Code to Pages Configure to suit.
Place Code in Choose Head.

Publish the site.

At this point, you can use this CSS code to deploy directly to your Wix store domain or toggle to other additional tabs, such as the Customize Banner & Preference Center to alter other cookie banner-related details, such as translations and which geographical locations the banner is visible in. Additionally, from the Consent Frameworks tab, you can enable the Global Privacy Control (GPC) consent framework across your domain.

Furthermore, cookie management is just one module in Securiti’s Privacy Centre that enables organizations to comply with all individual privacy rights requests, privacy notices obligations, breach notification obligations, and cookie obligations from a single dashboard.

To configure or integrate Privacy Center on your Wix website, please follow the steps mentioned here.


For an organization, a robust and efficient cookie management solution offers tremendous operational benefits. Not only does it enhance an organization’s cookie management as a whole, it does so in a fully regulatory-compliant manner. Some of these benefits include:

  • Turnkey deployment of cookie collection;
  • Fully customizable preference center;
  • Auto-block specific predefined type of cookies;
  • Maintenance of consent records for auditing and reporting purposes;
  • Automate the application of the correct data privacy settings based on user location.


Some of the most important features of Securiti’s cookie consent management solution include:

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