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How to Setup Cookie Consent Banner on WordPress Website

Privacy compliance has become a crucial requirement for most websites today. Owing to regulatory requirements and heightened public expectations, websites are now expected to take a proactive approach to ensure privacy compliance.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of tools that allow organizations to fulfill their privacy obligations both effectively and efficiently. Cookie consent is one such obligation. Scan your website now and maintain GDPR/CCPA compliance.

Securiti’s cookie consent WordPress plugin allows organizations to deploy cookie consent banners straight from their WordPress dashboard.

How To Get Started

It’s relatively straightforward to begin setting up the cookie consent banner for your site. Here’s what you need to do:


Create a free account at Securiti's cookie consent and log in.


Enter the website URL you want to scan and click on Scan & Get Cookie Banner.


It will scan the URL you entered and categorize all the cookies accordingly.


From the Cookie Consent page that has your domain listed, click on “Preview” under the “Consent Banner” column.


Navigate to “Consent Code,” and you should see the Head & Body of the cookie consent script.


Read on below to learn what to do next after you’ve generated this consent code.

How To Use

Once you’ve generated the consent code for the cookie consent script, you’ll now need to deploy it via the Securiti cookie consent plugin for your site on WordPress. Here’s how you can do so:


Head over to your website’s WordPress dashboard.


Click on “Plugins”, located on the left side of the menu.


Then click on “Add New”.


Search for “Securiti cookie consent”.


Install the plugin and then Activate.


This creates a new option under the Dashboard dropdown menu.


Go to Settings and select the Cookie Consent for GDPR/CCPA option.


Copy both the </head> and <body> code from the main Securiti cookie consent product generated earlier and paste them into the Securiti Cookie Consent box within the WordPress dashboard.


Save changes.


Visit your site. The cookie consent banner will have been successfully deployed.

Want to Upgrade Your Plan?

Here’s how you can upgrade from your free version:


Head over to the cookie consent page.


Click on the “Contact Sales” link.


A Securiti representative will get in contact with you shortly to guide you through the rest of the process.


Cookie consent management is one of Securiti’s several privacy-related products. The solution effectively guarantees compliance with major international data regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, PIPEDA, and many more. It is not only a highly effective tool to automate an organization’s global privacy compliance obligations but is incredibly easy to deploy.

Organizations of any scale can deploy Securiti’s cookie consent solution to create a fully customized consent banner for their website.


Securiti’s cookie consent management is an effective solution that promises both smooth and effective deployment. It carries numerous other benefits that not only ensure cookie consent compliance but does so without diminishing the users’ browsing experience on the site. Some of these benefits include:

  • Consistently scan a website for cookies;
  • Turnkey deployment of cookie consent collection;
  • Highly customizable preference center;
  • Auto-block specific types of cookies;
  • Maintenance of consent records for auditing and reporting purposes;
  • Automate the application of the correct data privacy settings based on user location.

What Else Can Securiti Offer

Cookie consent is just one of the critical aspects related to data privacy. Organizations hoping to remain compliant with the major data privacy regulations globally will often find themselves needing to fulfill several other requirements.

This is where Securiti can be of great help.

Securiti is a market leader in providing enterprise solutions related to data governance and compliance. Some of its products include universal consent, data classification, DSR automation, vendor risk assessment, and breach management, among a plethora of other solutions.

Request a demo today to learn more about how Securiti can help your organization in its data compliance journey.

People Also Ask

Here are some other frequently asked questions users might have:

Yes, WordPress plugins may use the information stored in the default cookies for personalization purposes. Some plugins may even have cookies of their own.

GDPR compliance requires most organizations to alter their website’s data processing mechanisms radically. Fortunately, various options, such as Securiti, can aid your organization in achieving GDPR compliance via automation.

In simple terms, a cookie consent banner is a notice that greets a user when they first visit a site. This banner contains information about the website’s use of cookies, the users’ rights related to these cookies, and most importantly, seeks their consent to store these cookies on their device to begin collecting their data.

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