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Cross-Border Data Transfer Requirements Under Global Privacy Laws

In this guide, you will:

  • Cross-border data transfer rules under major data privacy laws.
  • Data transfer conditions, mechanisms, localization and regulatory authority of each law.
  • How the data intelligence tool ensures complete compliance of data privacy laws.


Cross-border data transfer has brought with it myriad benefits for not only organizations but also individuals (data subjects) and countries. Organizations can create digital goods in any country and promote them in regions where data trading is permissible. This removes geographical barriers, enabling users to access digital goods from anywhere in the world.

Cross-border data transfer rules have evolved and refined over the years. There are now over 60 countries that have enacted cross-border and data localization rules. However, most of those regulations have taken inspiration from the since it is considered to be one of the most comprehensive data protection regulations to date. Let’s take a brief look at varying cross-border data transfer requirements, mentioned under some of the major global privacy laws.

data transfer requirements

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