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28 January 2020

Privacy OC was created by the founding members of the Privacy OC LinkedIn group and share a common interest in helping companies not only comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), but also increasing awareness of the global movement towards protecting consumers. is also offering a $40-$50 discount for using our promo codes.

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Privacy OC is a one-day event held on World Privacy Day. The event will feature workshops and presentations from experts of various fields such as legal, insurance, technology and finance experts. The event will also include demos from solution providers so that consumers can have a first hand experience.

Interact with data privacy and security professionals to learn about the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which went into effect on Jan 1, 2020. Learn how this privacy law will affect your business and the rights of consumers. Gain valuable insights and practical tools on how to successfully Deliver Data Privacy.

At Privacy OC, you will learn key aspects of the data privacy ecosystem, talking about data governance to data management. Learn best practices from the front lines of data privacy. Here are some of the topics that will be discussed:

  1. CCPA Legal Requirements
  2. US & Global Privacy Regulations
  3. Third Party Privacy Risk Management
  4. Roadmaps for Data Privacy Programs
  5. Insuring & Financing Privacy Solutions
  6. Data Protection & Security Strategies
  7. Privacy Solutions Options
  8. Leading Cultures of Privacy
  9. Data Governance
  10. Data Discovery & Classification
  11. Consumer Data Access Requests will be attending the event and talking about the importance of automation in order to comply with the CCPA, as well as educating people on the concept of the PrivacyOps framework and its impact  on compliance. is also offering a $40-$50 discount for using our promo codes. Details are as follows:

Early Bird = “PrivacyOcProEB” (Register before 1/10 and get an additional $50 off on the early bird discount)

After Jan 10th = “PrivacyOcPro” (If signing up after 1/10, use the code to get $40 off)

Join us on January 28th, 2020 at the Tustin Legacy and learn all about the changing dynamic of  global data security from the experts. Register today and get the early bird discount

Venue :


1705 Flight Way

Tustin, CA 92782

United States

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