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Global AI Regulations Roundup: Top Stories of April 2024

By Anas Baig | Reviewed By Omer Imran Malik
Published April 29, 2024 / Updated May 2, 2024

Securiti has initiated an AI Regulation Digest, providing a comprehensive overview of the most recent significant global developments, announcements, and changes in the field of AI regulation. This information will be regularly updated on our website, presenting a monthly roundup of key activities. Each regulatory update will include links to related resources at the bottom for your reference.

Asia Jurisdiction

1. Cyberspace Administration of China Announces New GenAI Requirements

Date: 2nd April, 2024
Summary: The Cyberspace Administration of China has announced new requirements related to the use of Generative AI services. In line with the obligations established by the Interim Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services, subject organizations will now be required to publicize their use of GenAI services prominently on their website along with other relevant information such as the exact model make, name, and filing number. Read more.

2. New National AI Policy Published in Bangladesh

Date: 4th April, 2024
Summary: The Department of Information and Communication Technology in Bangladesh has published the National Artificial Intelligence Policy 2024. The new policy contains extensive details and information related to AI principles, policy implementation approaches, objectives as well as critical sectors related to AI development. Read more.

3. Request for Public Opinion on GenAI Data Security Requirements In China

Date: 5th April, 2024
Summary: The National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee in China has published its draft standards for public opinion. These new standards include specifications related to data security requirements related to GenAI model pre-training optimization and evaluation methods. Additionally, they provide information related to personnel management and verification methods for GenAI data annotators. Read more.

Securiti's AI Regulation round serves as an invaluable resource for staying ahead of the latest global developments in the AI industry. Our commitment to providing timely updates ensures that you have access to crucial information and a better understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape in the field of AI.

The team has also created a dedicated page showcasing 'An Overview of Emerging Global AI Regulations’ around the world. Click here to delve deeper and learn more about the evolving landscape of global AI regulations.

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