Securiti Tops DSPM Ratings in GigaOm Report


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What is Ethical AI & How to Enable Its Responsible Use

Explore the concept of Ethical AI, its principles, and how organizations implement ethical considerations in artificial intelligence.


Tips for Implementing the NIST AI RMF

Gain insights into the practical tips for implementing the NIST AI RMF within your organization and enhancing your overall privacy and security posture.

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5 Best Practices Implementing NIST AI RMF in Your Business

Discover the strategic benefits of implementing the NIST AI RMF in your business and position your organization for success in the AI-driven landscape.

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What to Know About the EDPB’s Opinion on Pay-or-Consent Model Approach

Learn more about the critical implications and takeaways from the EDPB's opinion on Pay-or-Consent models and how they align with GDPR requirements.

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Understanding the Role of NIST AI Guidelines in Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks

Decipher the role of NIST AI Guidelines in mitigating increasing cybersecurity risks and ensuring a transparent, secure, and robust cyber-secure infrastructure.

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How DSPM Reduces the Risk of Data Breaches

In a 2023 survey, 75% of global respondents revealed that more than 40% of their data stored in the cloud was classified as sensitive,...

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Compliance Checklist For Automated Decision-Making Under GDPR

Here’s what you should know about automated decision-making under GDPR and the best practices to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements.

Third-Party Risk Management - What is it & How to Manage Third-Party Risks View More

Third-Party Risk Management – What is it & How to Manage Third-Party Risks

A robust third-party risk management system (TPRM) can help organizations avoid unforeseen losses based on circumstances outside their control. Learn more about TPRM.

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PSD2 Compliance: What You Need to Know

If you're still not sure what PSD2 compliance means for your business, this article will help you understand the risks and benefits.

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