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Global AI Regulations Roundup: Top Stories of May 2024

Published May 21, 2024 / Updated May 31, 2024

Securiti has initiated an AI Regulation Digest, providing a comprehensive overview of the most recent significant global developments, announcements, and changes in the field of AI regulation. This information will be regularly updated on our website, presenting a monthly roundup of key activities. Each regulatory update will include links to related resources at the bottom for your reference.

North and South America Jurisdiction

1. Colorado Becomes First US State With Law Regulating High-Risk AI Systems

Date: 17th May, 2024
Summary: The Colorado AI Act was signed into law on May 17, making Colorado the first state in the US to have a high-risk artificial intelligence systems-related regulation which establishes various guardrails against potential abuses of AI capabilities. The Act places several obligations for developers and deployers of such AI capabilities to undertake relevant measures protecting Colorado residents from reasonably foreseeable risks of algorithmic discrimination. Read more.

EU Jurisdiction

2. Italian Council of Ministers Approves Comprehensive AI Regulation Draft

Date: 6th May, 2024
Summary: The Italian Council of Ministers approved the AI-centric draft law. The proposed law will cover healthcare, work, public administration, justice, and intellectual property but exclude activities related to national security, cybersecurity, and defense. Based on principles such as transparency, security, data protection, and non-discrimination, it aims to prioritize human autonomy while mitigating any probability of harm to democracy or cybersecurity. Read more.

3. DSK Germany Issues Guidance On AI, LLMs, Data Protection & Other AI Applications

Date: 6th May, 2024
Summary:  The German Data Protection Conference (DSK) Issued guidance providing clarity on AI, LLMs, data protection, and other AI-related applications. The guidance targets deployers, developers, manufacturers, and providers of AI systems. The deployers are subject to extensive obligations which include ensuring the legality of the AI applications, training methods, and legal bases for the data processing. Additionally, they are also responsible for documentation, delegating each stakeholder’s responsibilities, conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), and ensuring accuracy and non-discrimination in any generated AI outputs. Read more.

Asia Jurisdiction

4. Bahrain Approves Law Regulating Use of AI Technologies

Date: 1st May, 2024
Summary: Bahrain’s Shura Council has unanimously approved a law aimed at regulating the use of AI technologies within the countries. A dedicated AI unit will likely be formed to enforce the proposed law. While a comprehensive text is yet to be approved, the new law is expected to contain provisions aimed at restricting the use of AI that may lead to tampering with biometric records and invasion of privacy, with fines ranging from BD1,000 ($2,653) to BD10,000 ($26,526). Furthermore, any use that leads to political and social unrest will be punishable with three years of imprisonment. Read more.

Securiti's AI Regulation round serves as an invaluable resource for staying ahead of the latest global developments in the AI industry. Our commitment to providing timely updates ensures that you have access to crucial information and a better understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape in the field of AI.

The team has also created a dedicated page showcasing 'An Overview of Emerging Global AI Regulations’ around the world. Click here to delve deeper and learn more about the evolving landscape of global AI regulations.

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