IDC Names Securiti a Worldwide Leader in Data Privacy


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Cybersecurity is a set of practices, measures, policies, technology, and mechanisms in place that protect systems, networks, servers, and data from any form of...

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Cybercrime refers to any activity on the internet with the intent of gaining unauthorized access or committing data theft, fraud, or disruption of services...

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Cyberattack refers to a focused and dedicated malicious digital attack designed to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the target systems, network, servers,...

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Cyber threat

Cyber threat refers to a potential or actual security event or attack that targets computer systems, networks, or digital assets. Cyber threats include malware...

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Cryptography refers to the methodology of employing mathematical techniques and algorithms to encrypt and decrypt data to maintain safe communication. By turning plaintext into...

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Cross border data transfer

Cross-border data transfer refers to the transfer of personal data across international borders. It may involve legal and regulatory complexities due to regional data...

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Countermeasure is a defensive measure or method used to reduce or eliminate risks and vulnerabilities. Common examples of countermeasures include security controls, policies, procedures,...

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Corporate espionage

Corporate espionage refers to an unauthorized and unethical acquisition of proprietary or sensitive information from one company or organization by another for unfair business...

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Cookie consent

Cookie consent refers to an explicit consent or approval a website user provides for using cookies. The standard method of obtaining cookie consent is...

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At Securiti, our mission is to enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.


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