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6 Lessons From the EDPB’s Draft Guidelines on Rights of Access Under the GDPR

Data protection and privacy regulations aren’t just aimed at tightening regulations around how organizations (data controllers) collect or process personal data. These varying sets of regulations also empower individuals (data subjects) to have better control and transparency over...

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The Difference Between First Party Vs Third Party Cookies

With data regulation and privacy becoming increasingly important topics across the world, companies and brands understand the need for a robust mechanism in place that can help them retain their customers’ trust when asking them for their data....

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An Overview of Proposed Changes to India’s Personal Data Protection Bill

India’s Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 (PDPB) has been in the deliberation phase since December 11th, 2019. Two years later, on December 16th, 2021, India’s Joint Parliamentary Committee submitted its highly anticipated report to the Indian Parliament on...

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Cookie Text: A Comprehensive Guide

A decade ago, a user would type in the name of their preferred website and begin their browsing. They would note how the more they browsed the site, the better ads they received that directed them towards the...

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Ultimate Guide to EU Cookie Laws

While websites don’t necessarily have to use cookies, most use cookies, and the digital architecture supports websites using cookies. Internet cookies are beneficial not only for the website owners but also for the website visitors as they remember...

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What Is A Cookie Notice And How To Get It For Gdpr, Ccpa & Lgpd?

Transparency is quickly becoming a vital asset for websites online. It is a tool that helps them gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. At the same time, a lack of transparency can signal an irrecoverable loss of...

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Checklist of Asia Data Protection Laws

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Facebook & Google Face €210m Fine For Privacy Non-Compliance

If there were any lingering doubts about how seriously Europe takes its users' privacy in 2022, they were put to rest this week. Google & Facebook have been fined a combined €210m (£176m) by the Commission Nationale de...

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Everything you need to know about Session Cookies

Session Cookies & How They Build a Great Browsing Experience A memorable and positive user experience on any website relies heavily on the user navigating the site seamlessly without any issues—the slightest of glitches can put that user...

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Understand Cookie Policy Requirements Under CCPA, GDPR & Other Laws

Cookie Policy: What Is It & A Template to Follow Creating a personalized browsing experience for users has long been the pillar behind most user retention and growth strategies. Cookies have played an instrumental role in that process...




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