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Israel's Protection of Privacy Law

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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Enacted in 1981, Israel's Protection of Privacy Law (PPL) is one of the oldest data privacy regulations in the world. Since then, it has undergone several amendments and additions to ensure it remains applicable to modern data-related activities such as the automated processing of personal data.

The PPL provides comprehensive guidelines on the management and usage of databases to safeguard the privacy of Israelis' personal data. It also aims to ensure threats to Israelis' data privacy are minimal.

Under the PPL, Privacy Protection Authority (PPA) is the main supervisory unit established by the Minister of Justice with the approval of the Knesset's Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee. The individual who leads the PPA (Privacy Protection Authority) also holds the position of the Registrar of Databases.

Each year, no later than the 1st of April, the Registrar prepares a Protection of Privacy Report submitted by the Protection of Privacy Council to the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the Knesset, detailing the enforcement and supervisory activities in the preceding year with comments on how it plans to carry out its functions for the upcoming year.

The Solution

Securiti promises thorough compliance with Israel's Protection of Privacy Law and other relevant data privacy regulations thanks to its PI data discovery, DSR automation, documented accountability, and AI-process automation features.

Its data solutions and a plethora of similar modules, backed up by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine-learning-based algorithms, make Securiti an ideal option for organizations that want to achieve effective and efficient compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements.


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Automate Processing of Rectification & Update Requests

PPL Sections: 13, 13A,14

Automate all data rectification and update requests and gain real-time updates on their progress via the central dashboard to ensure data accuracy.

data rectify request
data erasure request

Automate Erasure Requests

PPL Section: 17F(b)

Automate all data erasure requests and monitor real-time updates via the central dashboard.

Monitor & Track Consent

PPL Section: 1 , 2(6) , DTR Section: 2(1)

Ensure absolute compliance with the appropriate regulatory requirements via deep insights into all users' consent statuses via the central dashboard. This allows for any potential processing or transfer of data to occur only per the relevant consent requirements.

personal data monitoring tracking

Map Data Flows

Data Transfers Regulations

Track data flows in and out of your organization's data infrastructure, trace this data, and catalog, transfer, and document business process flows internally and to service providers or third parties, including cross-border data transfers.

Automate DPIAs & Risk Assessments

Security Regulation 5

Automate the execution of a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) to ensure it is conducted at regular intervals, giving you ample time, data, and insights to take appropriate actions if necessary.

Risk Assessments
breach response notification

Automate Data Breach Response Notifications

Security Regulations 11(a) + 11(c)

Automate data breach response notifications to all concerned stakeholders as soon as legally obliged by leveraging a knowledge database on security incident diagnosis and response.

Manage Vendor Risk

Security Regulation 15

Keep track of privacy and security readiness for all your service providers and processors from a centralized dashboard. Collaborate with vendors, automate data requests, and manage all vendor contracts and compliance documents from a consolidated platform.

manage vendor risk

Privacy Policy & Notice Management

Section: 11

Automate the generation of a privacy policy that adequately informs the users about your organization's data processing practices while fully complying with all applicable law provisions.

Automate Data Security Controls

Section 17 + Security Regulation 2 + 4 + 6

Automate the deployment of effective data security measures that provide an appropriate degree of protection to all vital data assets by encrypting and masking data and restricting access to such data to a select few personnel.

Ensure Access Controls & Identity Management

Security Regulations: 7, 8, 9, 10

Deploy appropriate mechanisms and controls that ensure access to sensitive and critical data assets is reserved strictly for personnel that need access to such data. Additionally, maintain an extensive record of personnel accessing specific data assets for documentation and accountability purposes.

Key Rights Under Israel's Protection of Privacy Law

Here are key data subject rights that Israelis are entitled to per the PPL:

Right to Access

All Israelis have the right to inspect and access, either themselves or via a representative authorized by them, any information that may have been collected and stored on them in a database. This authorization should be based on a written agreement between the person who has the databases and the actual owner of each database. If the organization has five registered databases, then it must annually give a list to the Registrar. This list confirms who can access each database based on agreements and includes the security supervisor's name.

Right to Inspect

Each individual has the right to review information about themselves stored in a database. The database owner must facilitate this review upon the person's request, allowing them or their authorized representative (in writing) to examine the information in Hebrew, Arabic, or English.

Right to Rectification

All Israelis have the right to request the rectification of their personal data within a database. In case the owner of the database is not based in Israel, then the data processor is supposed to comply with the users’ request if the owner agrees to the request for rectification or a court orders a correction to be made. If such a request cannot be granted, the owner or the processor must inform the user in the form and manner prescribed within the regulations.

Right to Deletion

Every person is entitled to demand, in writing, of the owner of the database used for direct mailing that the information relating to him be deleted from the database.

Facts Related to Israel's Protection of Privacy Law

Here are some important facts to know about Israel's Protection of Privacy Law:


As per the Data Transfer Regulations, data from Israeli databases cannot be transferred abroad unless the receiving country's laws offer a protection level similar to Israeli Law;


While transferring the data outside of Israel, specific principles apply, such as fair and lawful usage, purpose limitation, accuracy, and data security;


According to PPL, a person or entity found guilty of infringing on citizens' privacy may be ordered to pay the injured person statutory damages not exceeding 50,000 shekels per offense;


In case a court finds a person or entity deliberately infringed on a citizen's privacy with the intent to cause harm, they may be ordered to the injured person 100,000 shekels;


A person found guilty of committing the specified offenses could face up to one year of imprisonment. These offenses include:

  • managing, possessing, or using a database in contravention of regulatory provisions,
  • intentionally providing false information during database registration, failing to provide accurate information upon request, and not complying with information inspection requests;
  • granting illegal database access or failing to provide required documents to the Registrar;
  • neglecting to appoint a mandated security supervisor, using a database for unauthorized direct-mailing services, and delivering information in violation of regulatory guidelines.
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