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Building Trusted AI: A Strategic Roadmap for CDOs and Business Leaders

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of generative AI, Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and the line of business (LOB) leaders stand at the forefront of a revolution. The integration of GenAI to support organizational strategies and operations presents unprecedented opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage. However, the path to building safe AI systems is fraught with unique challenges.

How do you safely tap all of the unstructured and structured data within your hybrid cloud landscape to feed these AI models? How can you ensure sensitive data is protected? What guardrails are needed to protect AI models from prompt injection attacks? How do you continuously monitor risks in your generative AI pipeline?

This webinar aims to empower CDOs and business leaders with the necessary knowledge and strategies to navigate the challenges of building safe, scalable generative AI systems within their organizations.


  • Understand key risks inherent in building generative AI systems
  • Five key steps for building trusted generative AI pipelines
  • Best practices and tips for embracing generative AI


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