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Secure Sensitive Data Everywhere with an Integrated DSPM Approach

Published May 15, 2024

Securing sensitive data in the cloud and addressing visibility gaps in cloud data is a critical step for organizations looking to mitigate risk for their business, comply with regulatory requirements, and safely innovate through the use of secure data + AI. And as complexity in the cloud escalates due to exploding data, the proliferation of GenAI technologies on the scene, and mounting incentives to unlock data insights to fuel innovation, this step becomes increasingly critical for orgs that want to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

DSPM is a critical first step

The step of securing sensitive cloud data is a key security need for enterprises that strive to enable the safe use of data + AI in a scalable way. Companies that are starting with Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) are on the right track.

DSPM capabilities for cloud data give enterprises the ability to discover unknown data in the cloud, identify security and privacy risks to the data, use data lineage to map data flow across structured and unstructured sources, and manage access entitlements to data.

But what about the data that’s not in the cloud?

Many DSPM solutions focus only on protecting data in platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud environments but still leave data and configuration gaps in on-prem and SaaS systems, data lakes and warehouses, and data in motion. Sensitive data exists in all different systems across the enterprise, and by casting your attention exclusively on cloud data, you are inevitably missing critical gaps in the potentially enormous percentage of the sensitive data you may not even know exists, inviting financial, reputational, and legal risk.


Enterprises need a solution that can extend beyond Data Security Posture Management  in just the public cloud to their broader environment, including:

  • On-prem data: Gartner estimates that, even through the year 2027, 50% of critical enterprise applications will live outside public clouds. Sensitive data within these systems cannot become an afterthought, requiring the same level of controls and protection as more scalable cloud environments.
  • SaaS systems: Most enterprises use at least 50 SaaS applications — including customer relationship management (CRM) software, content management systems (CMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, project management software, and so on — and each of these systems comes with its own native security controls. However, these systems are seldom built to communicate with each other and do not share the same policies or controls from one to the other, making them particularly hard to secure.
  • Data lakes and warehouses: Data lakes and warehouses contain sensitive data that may come from multiple sources — and that must be protected from malicious actors intercepting data flowing into them, inviting security risk.
  • Data in motion: Connecting the dots within all of these environments is data streaming from place to place — across on-prem data centers, SaaS systems, CSP environments, and more. Protecting the data in one location is not enough, but securing data that is a moving target is not easy. As data moves from system to system, the controls and policies that safeguard it at any given moment may change. Organizations need consistent security controls across the flow of data to protect it in every environment and at every stage.

Understand your data risk — everywhere

Taking a broad, deep, and hyper-scalable approach to data security enables security teams to understand the risk their data poses in different environments — and then take the steps needed to address it. While fragmented tooling makes it difficult for security teams to protect data everywhere, standing up a centralized, unified source of data truth for your enterprise that integrates key cloud DSPM processes with the overall data security landscape will enable teams to:

  • Discover, catalog, and achieve and maintain consistent visibility into data, including data in public and private clouds, on-prem, SaaS applications, data in motion — and even dark data and data that exists in shadow systems.
  • Identify data risk in each environment to efficiently validate controls across diverse systems, intelligently prioritize and reduce risk due to misconfiguration, manage data access for stronger permissions, secure data flows, enforce compliance requirements, and respond to data breaches promptly.
  • Effectively report on data risk: Having a comprehensive understanding of data risk is absolutely necessary for reporting on different types and levels of risk within an organization — and adhering to multiple regulatory mandates for compliance.
  • Protect data everywhere: Security teams have a lot on their plates, from identifying the risk levels to prioritizing misconfiguration gaps to implementing proper security controls to establishing least privilege access to responding to breach incidents — and the only way to secure sensitive data everywhere, today and into the future, is to establish consistent security controls and extend them across all of your environments.

Secure data across the enterprise with a unified Data Command Center

Sensitive data is everywhere. Businesses need a comprehensive solution for protecting their data everywhere that integrates DSPM solutions into the broader security landscape. Securiti’s approach encompasses best-in-class DSPM while putting a centralized Data Command Center at your fingertips to ensure broad data systems coverage in each environment. This enables hyper-scalability across all types of data in potentially hundreds of systems so businesses can protect it all with a comprehensive and unified view.

It’s about as future-proof as you get in a world where data is evolving as quickly as it is in this one — and the choice to make smart data decisions is, every day, becoming more of a necessity to rise to the top. How does your enterprise stack up when it comes to protecting data everywhere, beyond the public cloud? Check out our whitepaper on extending DSPM to your broader environment to secure data everywhere.

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