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Data Discovery Isn’t Enough

Meet Sensitive Data Intelligence

Digital transformation has contributed to an exponential growth in data. By 2025, it is projected that data will grow 10x compared to today. The sheer amount & sprawl of data requires fresh thinking to tackle security and privacy risks. In addition, many new global regulations require organizations to identify & regulate sensitive data. All of this puts a tremendous burden on data discovery since it wasn't designed to work in diverse environments & at hyperscale. Instead, organizations need Securiti Sensitive Data Intelligence (SDI™) purpose-built for a petabyte scale and supports any self-hosted, multi-cloud and SaaS data systems.


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sensitive data intelligence

All-in-One Solution For Your Business Needs

The Multi-disciplinary practice to grow trust-equity of your brand and comply with privacy regulations

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A Guide to Dynamic Privacy Policies and Notices

Key ways to dynamically update your policies and notices

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Secure Cloud Data Migration

5 key considerations for secure cloud data migration

Democratize your data without compromising security and privacy
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