IDC Names Securiti a Worldwide Leader in Data Privacy


Integrate Securiti with Weebly

Most users are now more educated and knowledgeable about their privacy rights. Additionally, most data regulations have placed strict requirements upon organizations collecting user data to undertake specific measures to ensure users’ data privacy rights are adequately upheld.

Securiti’s offers an effective and efficient way of fulfilling all such requirements. It helps organizations comply with their notice management, data rights requests, Do Not Sell requests, and cookie management obligations from a centralized dashboard.

The centralized dashboard of the comes personalized per the modules an organization selects. The Privacy Notice module can be used to generate and deploy a fully customized privacy notice compliant with any data privacy regulations an organization may be subject to via a selection of hundreds of pre-designed templates.

Similarly, the Do Not Sell or Share My Data and Do Not Track modules enable organizations to empower their users related to how they choose to let the organizations collect their data and use their data.

Read on to learn more:

Sign Up For Securiti’s


Head over to the homepage to get started;

Privacy Center WordPress Integration

Choose your preferred pricing plan based on your needs;

Privacy Center Price and plans

Fill in the form with the required information to finish the sign up process;

privacy center billing details

The is all set up with the modules you selected;

Privacy Center Dashboard

Make any changes you feel necessary. Publish when ready to deploy.


Once signed up for the, you’ll need the Cookie Consent script to deploy the banner on your site. Here’s how to do it:

Set up Cookie Consent Banner On Your Site

Setting up the cookie consent banner on your site is fairly easy. Follow these instructions and you’ll be able to fully leverage the cookie consent management:


Create an account with Securiti’s Cookie Consent Management module and log in;


From the main Dashboard, click Cookie Consent;


From here, click +New Domain on the upper left side of the page;


Now, create a New Domain Group and enter the Domain Name you want to scan;


Switch to the Website Scan & Report tab, enter your website’s login information;


Now, check the Enable scan behind login checkbox, then enter the login information in the HTML Attributes and Login Details;


Click Initiate Website Scan. This will give you a complete report of all the cookies on your domain;


Switch to the Categorize Cookies tab;


From the Cookie Categories dropdown menu on the left, enable, and edit the cookies on your domain per your needs;


Once done, click Save, and then on Publish in the upper right corner;


Head to the Cookie Consent page with your domain listed and click Preview under the Consent Banner column;


From here, navigate to the Consent Code tab to view the Head & Body of the cookie consent script (CSS) code.

At this point, you can use this CSS code to deploy directly to your Weebly domain or toggle to other additional tabs, such as the Customize Banner & Preference Center, to alter other cookie banner-related details, such as translations and which geographical locations the banner is visible in. Additionally, from the Consent Frameworks tab, you can enable the Global Privacy Control (GPC) consent framework across your domain.

Once you have the cookie consent script, follow these steps to deploy it on your Weebly domain:


Log into Weebly;


Navigate Settings > SEO;


Add the published cookie consent script to the Header Code field;


Click Save.