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Navigating the AI Frontier: Strategies for CISOs to Tackle AI Risks in Enterprises

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) has proved to be a transformative force that has made tremendous waves globally. By leveraging deep learning techniques, large language...

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Data + AI Challenges for the C-Suite — Innovation Versus Risk

In my time at Securiti, I’ve had the chance to speak with a lot of clients and prospects, listening to their successes, hearing how...

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How Unstructured Data Governance Can Prevent Costly Mishaps in GenAI

In the past several months, we’ve seen a flurry of embedded generative AI applications released, from Microsoft CoPilot to Adobe Firefly. (The image of...

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Unstructured Data, GenAI, and Regulatory Compliance

For most enterprises, unstructured data is difficult to manage, govern, and secure. Issues around the sheer volume and variety of unstructured data sources—from text-heavy...

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The Role of Unstructured Data in GenAI: From Key Driver to Top Challenge

Not a day goes by without a new “breaking” headline emerging about generative AI. The topic runs the gamut from the overwhelming opportunities that...

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US Treasury Examines AI-Related Security Risk in FinServ: What You Need to Know

The rampant adoption of GenAI is changing the data landscape, offering untold value for organizations looking to drive efficiency and unlock business insights using...

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5 Steps to AI Governance: From Shadow AI to Strategic Oversight

The groundswell adoption of GenAI has introduced a number of privacy and security concerns to the global data landscape — and has already initiated...

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Inside the EU AI Act, the World’s First Comprehensive AI Law

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has created a flurry of disruption as businesses across industries restructure and redefine their paths toward innovation. And...

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Responsible AI: The Path to Increased Business Value

Every day, we’re hearing about new developments in generative AI — and businesses are paying attention. The explosive growth of artificial intelligence models and...

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