Securiti Tops DSPM Ratings in GigaOm Report


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Security posture

Security posture refers to the preparedness and ability of an organization or a system to proactively defend against potential cyberattacks and threats.

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Security policy

Security policy is a set of rules, guidelines, and recommendations that constitute the overall security requirements as well as expectations within an organization and...

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Security information and event management (SIEM)

Security information and event management (SIEM) is a system that collects, correlates, analyzes, and maintains detailed event logs and data from multiple resources within...

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Security awareness training

Security awareness training is a set of activities, programs, and training sessions designed specifically to raise internal employees’ security awareness as well as the...

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Security audit

Security audit refers to a comprehensive review of all an organization’s internal security controls, policies, and procedures aimed to assess their effectiveness and compliance...

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Security assessment

Security assessment refers to thoroughly evaluating an organization’s systems, networks, or applications to detect, identify, and remediate potential vulnerabilities, weaknesses, or areas of non-compliance....

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Security architecture

Security architecture refers to the overall design and structure of an organization’s internal security systems, networks, and technologies. It includes the complete infrastructure pivotal...

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Secure software development lifecycle

Secure software development lifecycle refers to a structured approach adopted by several organizations when developing software and applications with built-in security controls and considerations...

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Secure DevOps

Secure DevOps refers to a practical approach to internal security where such practices are integrated within the DevOps (Development and Operations) process. Secure DevOps...

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