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First Party Consent


Third Party & Cookie Consent


Individual Rights Requests


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Privacy Notice Management


No Code Workflow


Our APIs and no-code/low-code PrivacyOps infrastructure gives you the superpowers to embed these automation capabilities into your tech stack, and comply with global privacy laws in minutes.

Programmatic PrivacyOps Solutions

Capture and Honor User Consent Automatically

Securiti offers the next generation consent & preference management solution that captures, reconciles, and engages systems across your Martech stack.


  • Capture and orchestrate consent from any system, any where
  • Enterprise performance and scalability
  • Reduce resource burn with 100's of pre-connectors
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  • Consent
  • Query Individual
  • Consent
  • Consumer
    Preference Center
  • Consent

Integrate with any mobile, web, or SaaS system. Start recording consent in seconds by deploying a no-code form consent JS

Identity synchronization is key to a consistent, trustworthy consumer experience

Ensure all downstream systems receive the latest consent preferences from the user.

Instantly deploy a responsive securiti-hosted page that provides transparent granular choices to your consumers

Be ready with a comprehensive audit trail for internal or external stakeholders

Achieve Global Consent Compliance

Securiti offers a solution that evolves with you as the regulatory and digital landscape changes around the world.


  • Achieve global consent compliance
  • Enterprise performance and scalability
  • Avoid nuclear opt-outs and build consumer trust
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  • Consent
  • Query Individual
  • Auto-blocking
  • Consent

Rapidly deploy a banner JS with reverse IP detection to comply with consent requirements around the world

Leverage our native pseudonymized ID or pass an ID of choice to always authoritatively be able to tie consumers to their latest preference

Ensure all first and third party vendors respect the latest consent preferences from the user

Be ready with a comprehensive audit trail for internal or external stakeholders

Automate Data Privacy Rights Requests

Securiti offers the most comprehensive solution to programmatically discover, extract, delete and correct user's data across hundreds of applications.


  • Automatic request handling
  • Automatic identity verification
  • Auto regulatory guidance
  • Automated request fulfillment
More Details
  • Request
  • Built-in
  • Custom
  • Auto Script

Handle privacy requests at scale through a simple, API driven interface or through a no-code, customizable web portal.

Query, access and delete data instantly through 100s of built-in application interfaces to fully automate data requests with no human intervention.

Implement custom business logic to asynchronously interface with any internal application through secure, self-hosted gateways and fulfill data subject requests

Auto-generates safe, fast and deterministic data deletion scripts for precise handling of data erasure requests.

Evolve Your Data Mapping Activities

Streamline information gathering, dynamically discover assets and data for continuous, programmatic RoPA compliance.


  • Active data maps
  • Solve all your privacy needs
  • Continuous risk management
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Dynamic Privacy Notices

Securiti offers the only privacy policy and notice builder that keeps your notice updated in real-time.


  • Meaningful transparency with your consumers
  • Dynamic updates to your notices
  • Rapidly deploy notices and achieve compliance
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  • Build Consumer Trust
  • Comply with
    Global Regulations
  • Stay Agile and

Set up, configure, and deploy a privacy notice in minutes. Spearhead and promote data privacy awareness and transparency with consumers.

Use our pre-built template to address requirements of global privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Eliminate the need to redeploy the notice as regulations and data processing changes within the company. Your notice is dynamically updated.

Automate and Scale Your Privacy operations

Seamlessly automate actions across your company's Privacy, IT Operations and DevOps workflows


  • Zero-code orchestration
  • Simplify deployments
  • Enterprise-grade scale
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Ease of application integration with well-documented APIs

API-Driven solutions that are well documented, easy to integrate, configure, and update.

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