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Meet Auti

Robotic Automation
makes privacy simple

Your own assistant for privacy

Auti, the expert bot, is at the heart of robotic automation and assistance across important PRIVACY functions, making compliance easier for all

Reduced Menial Work

Offload mundane tasks, enabling team to be more productive

Increased Agility

Accelerate response times and ensure customer satisfaction

Reduced Cost

Reduce compliance costs through automation

Compliance Accuracy

Avoid human errors and omissions from manual processing

Insights At Your Fingertips

Get deep insights into your privacy data with simple queries

Conversational Interface

Increase adoption with easy-to-use natural language interface

Conversational interface

Converse with Auti through a natural language interface to find answers about various aspects of privacy compliance in your organization or just to get things done. Auti is the expert assistant that simplifies privacy compliance.

Swift data subject fulfillment

Auti collects DSR requests and orchestrates the fulfillment process. Auti assists stakeholders in compiling tasks and subtasks by precompiling reports to simplify the DSR process. Compliance reports are generated and recorded for each request. At any time you can ask Auti questions about the status of DSR requests.

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Let expert bots help you fulfill people’s data requests and keep proof of compliance

Real-time People Data Graphs

Auti assists with real-time discovery of personal data across structured and unstructured data sources and links that data back to an individual’s identity, creating a People Data Graph. You can ask Auti detailed questions to quickly gain insights into personal data within your systems.

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Learn about automatic personal data discovery through structured and unstructured data linking.

Assessment automation and third party management

Auti assists with internal and third party compliance assessments. It can prompt stakeholders to take necessary actions, and monitor the progress of your assessments. You can ask Auit questions about assessment status and compliance with various regulations.

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Automation of privacy assessment collection from third parties, collaboration among stakeholders, follow-ups and compliance analytics

Consent linking

Auti assists with linking consents to identifies and categories, enabling you to ensure consents are being honored appropriately throughout your organization.

Auti at your service

Auti empowers a PrivacyOps framework, by building intelligent People Data Graphs and delivering robotic automation to simplify privacy compliance.

people data graph

Build trust and engage customers.

Data Subject Rights (DSR) Robotic Automation brings advanced AI intelligence to automate the complete data subject access request lifecycle, enabling companies to stay compliant in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

Automating privacy operations across your organization

The multi-disciplinary practice to grow trust-equity of your brand and comply with privacy regulations.

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“By leveraging the PrivacyOps constructs from this book across our organization we were able to not only save time and money but also mitigate the risks associated with manual methods of privacy management.”

- Marty Collins, Chief Privacy and Legal Officer, QuinStreet, Inc

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