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Breach Management

Manage your entire incident and
data breach management lifecycle

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Automate the incident response process by gathering incident details, identifying the scope and optimizing notifications to comply with global privacy regulations

Incident Reporting Portal

Easy and intuitive portal to report and collaborate on incidents

Management Workbench

Automate incident management and data breach notifications

Auto Detect Impacted Users

Automatically discover insights about impacted users & their data

Automate Incident Response

Use jurisdiction research data to make breach notification decisions

Track Remediation

Track remediation activities and maintain detailed audit trails

Automate Notifications

Make timely notifications using pre-built templates to reduce risk

Submit incidents

Provide an intuitive self-service portal for users to report incidents and data breaches.

Gather incident details

Use pre-built incident assessment templates to gather details about an incident. Customize templates for various industries/regulations.

Stay on top of regulatory requirements

Use the data breach workbench to automate the incident response workflow, assign responsibilities and manage regulatory requirements until its closure

Accurately assess incident’s impact

Use incident risk assessments and Deep Discovery to assess risk, impacted users, personal data and jurisdictions across data assets involved in the incident.

Narrow down incident scope and assess notification obligations

Use jurisdictional research for timely decision support and notification guidance. For example: A data breach incident of Protected Health Information (PHI) of US residents would trigger a HIPAA violation and associated notification and remediation activities.

Optimize notification to users and regulatory bodies

Identify specific users impacted by the incident. Use out-of-box notification templates and guidelines to notify users and regulatory authorities. Maintain audit trails and incident related documentation to easily prove compliance.  

Build trust and prevent repeat incidents

Use dashboards to generate reports and identify trends and areas of improvement. Reduce risk and build trust through efficient and automated data breach management.

Automating privacy operations across your organization

The multi-disciplinary practice to grow trust-equity of your brand and comply with privacy regulations.

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“By leveraging the PrivacyOps constructs from this book across our organization we were able to not only save time and money but also mitigate the risks associated with manual methods of privacy management.”

- Marty Collins, Chief Privacy and Legal Officer, QuinStreet, Inc