Securiti PrivacyOps Named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM

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Data Protection

Protect personal and sensitive data

Assess data protection measures and enable appropriate security controls

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Discover Security Controls

Detect & catalog current access & security controls on data assets

Enforce Data Protection

Enforce & automate encryption or masking on unprotected data

Apply Least Privilege

Revoke or remove unauthorized or excessive access to data assets

Discover security controls

Gather and catalog current access & security controls enabled on your data assets.

Assess and prioritize data assets for protection

Use Data Risk scores to determine high risk data assets in the organization. Determine if those high risk data assets contain unprotected data.

Enforce data protection

Enable security controls such as encryption and masking for unprotected sensitive data. For example: Encrypt credit card numbers in AWS RDS.

Review & revoke access privilege

Review access privileges on data assets and limit access to authorized users.

Develop compliance reports

Annotate security policies with citations to provide a definitive evidence for compliance reports & regulations.

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Securiti PrivacyOps Named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM