Securiti Named a 2022 Cool Vendor in Data Security by Gartner

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Data Risk

Shine a spotlight on high risk data

Assess risk scores for every data asset, asset location, or personal data category

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Identify Data Risk Hotspots

Assess high risk data sets based on risk scores

Customize Risk Score

Tune risk scores based on your risk profile

Eliminate Blind Spots

Monitor risk trendlines for sudden change in risk scores

Identify data hotspots

Automatically discover high risk data assets, data locations, users and personal data attributes.

Customize your risk score

Control the importance & sensitivity levels of factors used to calculate risk score to develop a custom score suited to your use-cases.

Eliminate blindspots

Use risk trendlines to determine a sudden increase or decrease in risk such as adding customer SSNs into a cloud data asset or efficacy of current data retention process.

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