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Bring collaboration
to sensitive PI data

instead of sending sensitive PI data over email and messaging tools

A modern messaging system built into the PRIVACI platform brings cross-functional privacy subject matter experts and stakeholders and in one place to collaborate

No PI Sprawl

Team happiness with creative and productive work

Dedicated Channels & War rooms

Enables in-context collaboration for each DSR & assessment

Captures Tribal Knowledge

Privacy stakeholder views and opinions preserved in-context

Collaboration for DSR fulfillment

Enables collaboration, review, and approvals around the subject’s personal data on one platform. Brings collaboration to the sensitive data rather than taking sensitive data to reviewers and adding to the personal data sprawl.

Collaboration for internal assessments

Provides comprehensive workflows to engage stakeholders for input, review and approvals on assessments. Built-in context-aware chat and engagement models allow subject matter experts to collaborate asynchronously to maximize efficiency.

Collaboration for vendor management

Enables collaboration across organizations. Invite vendors to complete assessments while enabling their internal stakeholders for inputs and approvals. Automate reviews, request regular updates and always stay in touch with your vendor's compliance posture.

Collaboration for data mapping

Captures tribal knowledge, by enabling subject matter experts to build complex data flow maps together in one place. Prevents blueprints from leaving the organization and enables teams to collaboratively gain full visibility into the flow and control of personal data.

Build trust and engage customers.

PRIVACI Data Subject Rights (DSR) Robotic Automation brings advanced AI intelligence to automate the complete data subject access request lifecycle, enabling companies to stay com- pliant in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

Learn about the emerging
discipline of PrivacyOps

PrivacyOps is the combination of philosophies, practices, cross-functional collaboration, automation, and orchestration that increases an organization’s ability to comply with a myriad of global privacy regulations reliably and with greater speed.
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