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Assess Third Party Privacy Risks

System of record, engagement, automation and insights for third party privacy risks

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Automation of privacy assessment collection from third parties, collaboration among stakeholders, follow-ups and compliance analytics.

Regulatory Knowledge

Comprehensive understanding of global regulatory requirements

Response Repository

Single place for all 3rd party responses and documents

Third Party Risk System

Independent privacy ratings of third parties

Single Audit, Comply Many

Requirement mapping to multiple regulations in one assessment

Collaboration and Sharing

Subject matter experts across functions on one privacy platform

Automation and Insights

Up to date compliance insights and auto follow-ups with third parties

How it works

Discover and upload vendor list

Bring all vendors into a single system of record for risk assessments.

Review vendor Privaci Scores

Privaci Score provides an independent view of privacy practices of a vendor, as calculated based on privacy statements and data available about a vendor.

Choose regulations for vendor assessment

From a comprehensive system of regulatory knowledge, pick a single-regulation or multi-regulation template and bulk invite selected vendors to complete the assessment.

Invite vendors to complete an assessment

Bring all vendors to a system of collaboration and engagement to provide their inputs.

Vendors get immediate access

Hassle free access for large number of vendors to complete assessments in one system of record, that can keep track of versions and history. Vendor can share their pre-completed assessments also.

Vendors invite their subject matter experts

Vendors can assign different sections of assessments to their subject matter experts. Easy collaboration enabled with built-in and contextual chat function.

Subject matter experts provide inputs and evidence

Responses of various subject matter experts are captured for review and approval. Files can be attached as evidence or supporting documents.

Ask Auti Bot about progress on assessments

Auti keeps an eye on progress of compliance across all vendors. It can also thoughtfully follow-up with vendors to assist with completion of assessments, saving time and cost.

Vendor responses received and recorded

Vendors approved responses, along with attached files for evidence and supporting docs are kept as searchable records of assessments.

Get regular updates on assessments

Periodic updates to assessments are made easy by automatic reminders by the system.

Insight and analytics across vendors

A single dashboard to provide real time insights across all vendors and across all vendor assessments.

Catalog of Privacy Templates

Supported Third-party Risk Templates on-premises and in cloud

Vendor Assessment Brochure

Vendor Assessment

Vendor Assessment applies powerful automation to privacy assessment collection from third-parties, and promotes collaboration among internal and external stakeholders. It stream- lines and prioritizes follow-up steps, and applies powerful analyt- ics to yield deep insight into third-party compliance.

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Bedrock of Privacy

Automating privacy operations across your organization

The multi-disciplinary practice to grow trust-equity of your brand and comply with privacy regulations.

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“By leveraging the PrivacyOps constructs from this book across our organization we were able to not only save time and money but also mitigate the risks associated with manual methods of privacy management.”

- Marty Collins, Chief Privacy and Legal Officer, QuinStreet, Inc




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