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Data Intelligence for Snowflake

Auto detect personal data and enforce access governance

Snowflake is a cloud based data warehouse that allows organizations to run large scale data analytics projects to uncover business insights, run or train machine learning models, and modernize their data infrastructure.


While data aids in business decision making, global privacy regulations such as GDPR, CPRA require organization to identify collected data, use only for its intended purpose and implement adequate protection. However, since data is coming into Snowflake from several sources, administrators do not know what data is in their instance, whose data it is or its purpose


SECURITI.ai’s Sensitive Data Intelligence can help detect and protect personal
data in compliance with global security & privacy regulations.

Discover personal data

Scan your Snowflakes instance to auto detect all personal & sensitive data stored in tables and schemas. Detect 120+ personal data attributes across various industries, regions and regulations.

Reveal all personal
data records

Detect all personal data records in schemas, tables and columns. Simply search for a specific PII such as SSN in the Data Catalog to identify exact columns where SSNs are located.

Identify Data Risk

Assess data risk in Snowflake based on personal data attributes, data residencies, & Snowflake instance location. For example: A spike in risk score may indicate high risk activity such as million rows of SSNs added in Snowflake

Find data owners & fulfill DSRs in a timely manner

AI powered People-Data-Graph links all discovered personal data to its owners. People Data Graph can help honor’s Data Subject Rights (DSRs) by extracting requested personal data from every table and column.

Protect PII and PHI

Enforce remediation action from your SECURITI.ai console on sensitive PII and PHI held in Snowflake. Orchestrate obfuscation controls such as data masking on specific columns with sensitive data.

Visibility and enforcement of access governance

Review who has access to specific tables in Snowflake & enforce access to ensure only users with access to data can view it.

Bedrock of your Privacy & Security

A Comprehensive Platform