Securiti AI Recognized as a Customers’ Choice For DSPM By Gartner Peer Insights


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Securiti Is Now An Official Google-Certified Consent Management Platform View More

Securiti Is Now An Official Google-Certified Consent Management Platform

Securiti joins the list of the CMP providers certified by Google to be appropriate for compliance with its latest EU TCF-related requirements.

CPRA Cookie Consent banner View More

CPRA Cookie Consent – All You Need To Know [2024 Guide]

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) of 2020 which goes into effect on January 1, 2023, is expected to replace the California Consumer Privacy...

LGPD Cookie Brazil banner View More

LGPD & Cookies: What Do You Need To Know?

When a person logs on to a website, the server assigns them a distinctive, user-specific identity. This identity is stored on the mobile or...

Opt In vs Opt Out banner View More

Opt In vs Opt Out Consent: What’s the Difference?

The global hunger for data collection is increasing exponentially. With businesses starting to collect more and more personal data, a rapid emergence in data...

what is Third-Party Cookies banner View More

Everything You Need to Know About Third-Party Cookies

When browsing the web, there's a high chance that you've come across a popup notification telling you that the website uses cookies. Many times,...

advertising cookies banner View More

What are Advertising Cookies and How are they used?

For years, advertising cookies have played a tremendous role in digital marketing. Some may argue that the rise of digital marketing is no small...

what is session cookies banner View More

Everything You Need to Know About Session Cookies

A memorable and positive user experience on any website relies heavily on the user navigating the site seamlessly without any issues—the slightest of glitches...

GDPR Email Marketing banner View More

Email Marketing Requirements under GDPR and e-Privacy Directive

Customers are never short of choices. While that might be good for the market in the grander scheme of things, it makes things extra...

Types of Consent banner View More

What are the Different Types of Consent?

Consent is one of the most paramount responsibilities of organizations to stay in compliance with global privacy regulations. This may come as a challenge...

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