Securiti AI Recognized as a Customers’ Choice For DSPM By Gartner Peer Insights


Data Catalog

Provide Data Governance and Security insight with the Securiti Data Catalog

Data Security Posture Management

Securiti's DSPM safeguards sensitive data across on-prem, hybrid, multicloud, and SaaS by providing comprehensive context and controls.

Data Flow Intelligence & Governance Brochure

Securiti's Data Flow Intelligence ensures business data security in streaming environments, guarding against unauthorized access and threats.

Data Access Intelligence & Governance Brochure

Securiti's Data Access Intelligence & Governance provides in-depth insights into sensitive data access while facilitating the establishment of suitable user access controls.

Securiti for Multicloud

Unlock the power of Securiti for Multicloud. Experience autonomous data intelligence, governance, protection, and privacy.

Privacy Policy & Notice Management Brochure

Download the free Securiti brochure to discover how to swiftly update your website's privacy policies & notices in minutes.

Universal Consent Management Brochure

The Securiti universal consent management platform assists marketers in respecting consent and automating marketing tasks.

Securiti + Snowflake Brochure

Securiti Snowflake enables data discovery, cataloging, and automated privacy. Ensure security, governance, and global data regulation compliance.

Product Brochure

Securiti can turn your manual and fragmented data management and governance processes into automated Sensitive Data Intelligence.

Data Breach Management Brochure

Manage your entire incident and data breach management lifecycle

Sensitive Data Intelligence Brochure

Unlock the power of sensitive data intelligence with Discover comprehensive solutions to protect your data privacy and compliance. Learn more now!

Data Mapping Automation Brochure

Elevate data security and compliance with our advanced data mapping technology. Learn how simplifies data management.

Cookie Consent Management Brochure

Explore's Cookie Consent Management, an automated solution for managing cookie consents. Comply with global privacy laws & build customer trust with location-based banners.

Internal Assessment Brochure

Discover's Internal Assessment, leveraging automation & machine learning for privacy compliance. Simplify assessments & uncover regulatory gaps with our comprehensive solution.

Vendor Assessment Brochure

Explore's Vendor Assessment, a powerful tool for automating third-party privacy assessments. Streamline follow-ups & gain deep insights into compliance with our agile solution.

People Data Graph Brochure

Discover's People Data Graph, an advanced solution for automating personal data discovery & linking it to identities. Gain insights into compliance risks & map data effortlessly.

DSR Robotic Automation Brochure

Explore's DSR Robotic Automation for handling Data Subject Requests under CCPA & GDPR. Streamline privacy reporting & automate fulfillment.