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Evolve Your Cookie Consent Management

Consent is one of the legal bases companies leverage to process personal data. Keeping up with the ever changing consent regulatory and digital landscape is complex and time-consuming. Cookie Consent from SECURITI.ai helps organizations simplify deploying a compliant cookie consent experience by using privacy intelligence. It streamlines accurate notice & consent, dynamically presents the proper experience, and enables an AI-powered PrivacyOps solution.

Easily deploy a cookie
consent banner

Flexible methods to comply with global regulations

Full Automation with PrivacyOps

Scan websites to detect and classify dropped cookies

Scan your websites to detect and classify cookies that are dropped. Visualize and track 1st and 3rd party code that runs on your websites. Set the scanning frequency to monitor your website regularly and automatically.

Cookie Categorization

Leverages a proprietary cookie intelligence database to automatically categorize your scan results and provide you with the relevant purposes of each tracker. Simply review and publish the scans to set up your cookie consent banner.

Global Privacy Intelligence

Comply with GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy Directive, IAB TCF v2.0 and more. Intelligent detection lets visitors interact with your website in the appropriate experience to meet global compliance requirements.

Preference Management

Build and configure a preference management center customized to your company’s branding. Fully control verbiage, styling, colors, and placement of the cookie banner and preference manager.


Leverage auto-blocking technology to honor user consent preferences without having to re-engineer your website. Rapidly deploy consent collection points with zero-code changes.

Reporting Dashboard

Visualize consent at the visitor and organizational level using intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards. Search, filter, and view consent activity across your organization.

Enable PrivacyOps

Enable AI-powered PrivacyOps with real-time People Data Graphs and automation of critical privacy functions such as DSR fullment, vendor assessment and more.

Automating privacy operations across your organization

The multi-disciplinary practice to grow trust-equity of your brand and comply with privacy regulations.

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“By leveraging the PrivacyOps constructs from this book across our organization we were able to not only save time and money but also mitigate the risks associated with manual methods of privacy management.”

- Marty Collins, Chief Privacy and Legal Officer, QuinStreet, Inc