Securiti AI Launches Context-Aware LLM Firewalls to Secure GenAI Applications


Top 10 Considerations for Enabling Safe Use of Unstructured Data with GenAI

Without proper oversight, unstructured data could result in sensitive data exposure. This infographic outlines some important considerations to enable safe use of unstructured data for GenAI.

Comparative Infographic of the US State Privacy Laws

This visual guide compares, contrasts, and highlights the key aspects of US state privacy laws, their obligations, data subject rights, exemptions, and non-compliance penalties.

Mastering PCI DSS Compliance

Download the infographic – Mastering PCI DSS Compliance to leverage a visual guide to the 12 PCI DSS requirements. Ensure PCI DSS compliance today.

Japan Gen AI Instructions

Dive into Japan’s Gen AI Instructions and learn about responsibilities, best practices and considerations regarding the use of Gen AI products and services.

The 8 Sins of GenAI

Generative Artificial Intelligence, also called GenAI, opens a whole new world of opportunities and technological advancements. From powering conversational chatbots and creative assets to driving enterprise tech and the healthcare sector, GenAI heralds a future that was once...

Utah’s Consumer Privacy Act (UCPA) Infographic

The Utah Consumer Privacy Act (UCPA) imposes responsibilities on businesses and grants data subject rights to consumers. Explore the UCPA further by downloading the infographic.

Complying with Data Privacy Law in Saudi Arabia

Get the infographic for an in-depth look at Saudi Arabia's PDPL, covering its reach, significant clauses, and the steps for ensuring compliance.

ANPD’s Guide: Impact Report for Personal Data Protection

Access the infographic for a deeper understanding of ANPD's Personal Data Protection Impact Report (RIPD) guidance.

EDPB’s Cookie Banner Task Force Report

Explore the EDPB's Cookie Banner Task Force Report through an insightful infographic at Gain valuable insights into cookie consent and compliance.

GDPR Article 3 & Chapter V: International Data Transfers

Explore GDPR's global reach and cross-border data transfers in this extensive guide, featuring 12 real-life scenarios.

Key Takeaways of the Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CTDPA)

The Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CTDPA) takes effect on July 1, 2023. Grab the infographic to understand its reach, business responsibilities, and individual rights.

Navigating Quebec Privacy Act (Law 25)

Get the infographic to explore Quebec's privacy scene, covering the Quebec Privacy Act and Law 25 – Canada's pivotal recent privacy law update.

Embracing a Modern-Day Privacy Ecosystem

A potent privacy center boosts user data control and simplifies business compliance. Discover its key components.

The Hidden Security And Compliance Risks of Data Sprawl

Access the infographic for insights on data spread across multicloud platforms, the associated security risks, and Securiti's solutions for ensuring compliance.

India DPDP Bill 2022 – Digital Personal Data Protection

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 is India's newest data protection draft. Feedback and consultations were accepted up to December 17th, 2022.

The Twitter Whistleblower

Check out a simple infographic about the Twitter whistleblower event at Learn the main points of this online incident.

Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL)

This infographic provides an overview of Indonesia's Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL), highlighting organizational duties, potential penalties, and rights of data subjects.

A Brief Overview of Global Privacy Control (GPC)

Global Privacy Control (GPC) provides a universal standard, signaling user privacy preferences to data handlers. Dive into an infographic overview now!

FIFA Cybersecurity Framework Privacy Impact Assessment

Explore key practices for carrying out a comprehensive and efficient Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) in accordance with the FIFA Cybersecurity Framework.

The Evolving Landscape of European Data Privacy Laws

The European Union has consistently been forward-thinking, requiring companies to safeguard users' personal data.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of CPRA Non-Compliance

Find out what happens if you don't follow the California Privacy Act and how to stay out of trouble.

CDMC Readiness Assessment Checklist

A CDMC readiness assessment helps you identify gaps in your CDMC implementation and offers a roadmap for adopting CDMC best practices.

Legacy Privacy Framework vs. Modern Privacy Framework

Explore two privacy frameworks to determine which one suits your needs and your customers' preferences best.

Unveiling Dark Data: Cloud’s Elusive Security & Privacy Risk

As multi-cloud setups become more common, organizations can easily handle large amounts of data in the cloud, including creation, storage, and management.

Reducing Insider Threats: Autonomous Access Governance & Risk Reduction

Grab this infographic to find out how automated data governance can safeguard your sensitive data from internal threats. Download now!

6 Expert Tips to enhance Security in Snowflake

Discover six expert tips to boost your personal and sensitive data security in your Snowflake instance. Take action today!

China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)

Get a simple guide! Download our infographic on China's PIPL, starting Nov 1, 2021, for all the key info you need.

Top 7 Employer’s Privacy Obligations

Discover employer privacy obligations in the remote work era. Download our white paper for insights today.

8 Privacy Tips for a Successful Marketer

Explore 8 privacy tips by Securiti experts for ethically collecting personal data in marketing.

The 7 Sins of Data Privacy Management

Find out why following data compliant practices from the experts is important, and learn how to begin protecting data privacy today.