IDC Names Securiti a Worldwide Leader in Data Privacy


State of Global AI Regulations

A thorough and comprehensive understanding of global AI regulations and their resulting obligations will determine how effectively an organization can leverage these AI capabilities.

Building a Framework for AI Governance

To ensure data privacy in the era of GenAI, world leaders have either formulated or are in the process of proposing AI regulations. We’ve mapped the AI regulatory compliance obligations...

Data Privacy in the Age of Generative AI

Learn more about the GenAI risks and the best practices or tools to ensure innovation through AI in a secure fashion.

Maximizing Growth in Finance The Roadmap to Success with Unified Data Controls

Understand how your organization can gain control of its data without compromising security all while maximizing profitability.

An Ultimate Guide to HIPAA Compliance

This whitepaper helps organizations navigate their way to HIPAA compliance with vital insights, best practices, and effective strategies.

Navigating Iowa’s Data Privacy Law – Senate File 262: Compliance and Implications for Businesses

Discover the compliance requirements and implications of Iowa's Data Privacy Law, Senate File 262, for businesses.

Colorado Privacy Act: Everything You Should Know

Download the whitepaper to learn the ins and outs of the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) and how it applies to your business. Ensure compliance today.

A Comprehensive Guide to How Securiti Can Help You Operationalize NIST Privacy Framework

Learn how Securiti enables organizations to comply with the NIST Privacy Framework and enhance their privacy posture. Download the whitepaper.

Compliance with Brazil’s LGPD: Navigating the Complex Landscape of Data Protection and Privacy

Brazil’s LGPD is a comprehensive data privacy law with several obligations for applicable entities. Learn all about Brazil’s LGPD and how to ensure compliance.

Canada’s Major Privacy Laws

This comparative chart overviews Canada's PIPEDA and the provincial privacy laws, such as Alberta’s PIPA, British Colombia’s PIPA & the Quebec Privacy Act. Learn about their scope, data controller obligations, penalties, etc.

An Overview of Australia’s Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Landscape

Gain a comprehensive overview of Australia's data privacy and cybersecurity landscape. Learn how Securiti can help you ensure swift compliance with Australia’s evolving privacy laws.

Enabling Innovation with Data Access Intelligence & Governance

Enabling Innovation with Data Access Intelligence & Governance whitepaper discusses gaining insights into sensitive data access to place appropriate user access controls.

An Overview of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, commonly known as SOX, is a federal law that was enacted in 2002 in response to a number of high-profile corporate accounting scandals.

Everything to Know about Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA)

The Commonwealth of Virginia passed the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA)

Indonesia’s PDPL Compared To The GDPR

Understanding the similarities and differences between the GDPR and PDPL is vital for an organization’s PDPL compliance efforts.

Achieving Compliance With The Amended Safeguards Rule 2022

Understanding the GLBA’s Amended Safeguards Rule 2022

Cookie Consent Banner Templates

This whitepaper is created to help businesses set up consent banners

An Overview of the Executive Order on New EU-US Data Transfer Framework

This whitepaper aims to elaborate the ins and outs of the EU-US Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework (DPF).

Implementing a Secure Data Sharing Environment with Access Intelligence and Controls

This whitepaper aims to elaborate Data sharing and how it exposes organizations to security risks.

Automated Incident Response Tool: A Strategic Investment for Financial Institutions

This whitepaper aims to elaborate on the Data breaches that can expose corporate data, including sensitive financial data, to unauthorized users.

Global Privacy Control – An In-Depth Analysis In the Light of CCPA & CPRA

This whitepaper aims to elaborate on the foundations of Global Privacy Control, Principles related to GPC implementation under CCPA & CPRA

New Data Regulations in the European Union

This whitepaper aims to elaborate on the additional obligations these regulations place on organizations, the penalties for non-compliance.

5 Critical Consent Elements for Marketing Leaders

Prepare your Consent Strategy with these 5 elements

Redefining Data Breach Management Framework in 2022

Data breaches have increased in frequency, impact, and sophistication over the last couple of decades.

An Overview of Global Healthcare Data Privacy Laws

How Major Privacy Laws Deal with Health Data

Understanding the EU US Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework

Key principles of EU - US Transatlantic Data Privacy Framework and how it is different from the Privacy Shield.

Cross-Border Data Transfer Requirements Under Global Privacy Laws

Learn data transfer conditions, mechanisms, localization and regulatory authority under each law.

The Evolving Cookie Landscape and its Impact on Digital Marketing

Understand how tracking technologies are evolving to become more privacy-centric and what Marketers can do?

A Guide to Understanding the TCPA Consent Requirements

Gain insight into the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and what it means for telemarketing businesses.

MISA Securiti eBook

Protect and manage your rapidly growing data in Azure and other multicloud data systems with Securiti.

Road to Compliance with Automated DSR Fulfillment

Understanding of common data subject rights globally and penalties that businesses may face due to non-compliance.

How Different Privacy Laws Treat Employees Vaccination Data?

Learn how employee vaccination data is treated by most data protection regulatory authorities.

Overcoming 7 Access Governance Challenges with Managing Data at Scale

Key challenges and how to overcome those challenges to avoid data loss and violations.

14 Key Controls for the Cloud & How To Implement the CDMC Framework

Learn how you can establish and uphold the principles of the CDMC framework

The Ultimate Guide to China’s Data Protection Laws

Understand China's Data Protection Laws & Cross-Border Data Transfers

Global Data Subject Rights (DSRs) and Requirements

Existence and non-existence of DSRs around the world

GDPR Legal Basis & Requirements for Collecting Personal Data

An overview of legal basis and key requirements under the GDPR

How China’s PIPL Compares to EU GDPR

Know the differences between PIPL and GDPR

6 Best Practices to Improve Privacy UX

Enhance user navigation experience, devise meaningful privacy notices & consent banners

A Complete Guide to Employer’s Privacy Obligations

In the era of work from anywhere and growing privacy laws

7 Essential Tips to Prepare for the CPRA

Essential recommendations to start CPRA compliance

European Union’s Revamped Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs)

SCCs for transfer of personal data to third countries

What do you need to know about South Africa’s POPIA

South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)

A Guide to Dynamic Privacy Policies and Notices

Key ways to dynamically update your policies and notices

5 Critical Consent Requirements in an Evolving Cookie Landscape

Best practices for the upcoming digital landscape

State of Data Breach Notification Laws

Breach Notification Laws in a privacy-centric world

Secure Cloud Data Migration

5 key considerations for secure cloud data migration

At Securiti, our mission is to enable enterprises to safely harness the incredible power of data and the cloud by controlling the complex security, privacy and compliance risks.


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